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Cool water dispenser device for refrigerator

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Gekühltes Wasser abgebende Vorrichtung für Kühlschrank

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Dispositif de distribution d'eau réfrigérée pour réfrigérateur


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Cool water dispenser device for a refrigerator, in particular for a domestic refrigerator, comprising a tank (4) for the accumulation of drinkable water that is housed in a heat insulated casing of the refrigerator, a filter (5) to purify the network water, means for connection to an external watering system of drinkable water, means for the delivery of the cool water (6) contained in said tank (4). Said dispenser device has said filter (5) placed downstream of the tank and it includes a control device comprising valve means (2) that are interposed between the connection of the drinkable water (1) and the tank (4), a meter (3) for the quantity of water that is fed to the tank, an electronic control unit (8) connected with said meter in order to control the closing of said valve means (2) when said quantity of water that comes from the external water network and that supplies the cooled tank reaches a pre-established value. <IMAGE>

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