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Preparation of metal foams

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Herstellung von Metallschäumen

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Préparation de mousses métalliques


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[origin: EP1031393A1] Metal foam production involves heating a metal powder and blowing agent mixture in a mold to above the metal melting temperature before blowing agent/gas equilibrium is achieved. Metal foam production comprises (a) mixing metal powder, optionally containing metallic or non-metallic lumps (e.g. mineral aggregate), with a gas-evolving blowing agent; (b) preheating the mixture in a mold to below the agent decomposition temperature; (c) heating the mixture to above the melting temperature of the lowest melting metal such that the heating time between the equilibrium decomposition temperature of the agent and the melting temperature of the metal is shorter than the time required for achieving the blowing agent/gas equilibrium state at this temperature; and (d) cooling the resulting metal foam to below the melting point of the lowest melting metal. An Independent claim is also included for a foamed metal semi-finished product obtained by the above process. Preferred Features: The blowing agent is selected from metal hydrides (especially magnesium hydride), carbonates, hydrates and materials which evaporate at the reaction temperature.

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