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EP 1033489 A2 2000-09-06 - Displacement control valve for variable displacement type compressors

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Displacement control valve for variable displacement type compressors

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Kontrollventil für variable Verdrängungskompressoren

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Soupape de contrôle pour compresseurs à capacité variable


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A control valve for a variable displacement type compressor includes a movable body (43) supported by the housing (38) such that the movable body (43) moves in the housing (38). The movable body (43) includes a first valve hole (46) that forms part of a bleed passage (30). A first valve body (41) adjusts the opening of the first valve hole (46). The first valve body (41) abuts against the movable body (43) such that the first valve hole (46) is closed. A second valve hole (49) extends in the housing (38) and forms part of a supply passage (31). A second valve body (48) adjusts the opening of the second valve hole (49). The second valve body (48) is movable integrally with the movable body (43). When the movable body (43) is located at an initial position, the second valve body (48) closes the second valve hole (49). However, when the first valve body (41) separates the movable body (43) from the initial position while abutting against the movable body (43), the second valve body (48) is moved to open the second valve hole (49). In this control valve, the first valve hole (46) and the second valve hole (49) are never open at the same time. Furthermore, the control valve controls the compressor displacement with high accuracy and an responsiveness. <IMAGE>

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