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EP 1035058 A2 2000-09-13 - Device for forming a start bunch in an automatic winder

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Device for forming a start bunch in an automatic winder

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Vorrichtung zur Bildung eines Anfangbündels in einem Spulautomat

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Dispositif pour former un enroulement de démarrage dans un bobinoir automatique


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The present invention relates to a doffing device of an automatic winder comprising a pair of winding-start bunch formation devices B1, B2 disposed therein for changing a position at which a winding-start bunch y1 is formed depending on a direction in which a rewound yarn has been twisted, that is, whether the yarn has been subjected to S or Z twisting. The position of the bunch can be changed depending on whether the yarn has been twisted in the S or Z direction. Consequently, when the yarn is drawn out upward from a winding package formed by the automatic winder, the drawing-out can be carried out in the direction in which the yarn is untwisted. As a result, possible snarl or kink in the unwound yarn is restrained to enable the yarn to be unwound in the form of a well-defined balloon, thereby reducing the occurrence of yarn breakage. <IMAGE>

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