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EP 1037182 A2 2000-09-20 - Anti-theft element in an anti-theft device

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Anti-theft element in an anti-theft device

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Antidiebstallelement in einer Antidiebstallvorrichtung

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Elément antivol dans un dispositif antivol


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The present invention relates to an anti-theft element in an anti-theft device which is intended to be attached to a theft-attractive article such that said device can only be removed from the article with the aid of a special release device. The anti-theft element includes a fouling-substance ampule which contains a fouling substance and which is disposed in the anti-theft element so as to be broken, crushed or otherwise destroyed or opened so as to release said fouling substance if an attempt is made to release the anti-theft device from the theft-attractive article without the aid of said special release device. The ampule (2) encloses a first fouling substance (B; D; G) having a specific fouling property, and at least one second fouling substance (C; E, F; H) having a fouling property which differs from the fouling property of the first fouling substance (B; D; G). The chemical composition of the respective first fouling substance (B; D; G) and of said second fouling substance (C; E, F; H) is such that the fouling substances (B, D, G; C, E, F, H) will not dissolve in one another. The invention also relates to a fouling-substance ampule intended for inclusion in an anti-theft element. <IMAGE>

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