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EP 1038976 B1 20011121 - Method of granulating and pulverizing slag or metal melts

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Method of granulating and pulverizing slag or metal melts

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Verfahren zum Granulieren und Zerkleinern von flüssigen Schmelzen

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Procédé pour granuler et pulvériser des laitiers ou métaux en fusion


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[origin: EP1038976A1] A melt granulation and comminution process, comprising gas heating of sprayed droplets within a cooling chamber having cooled walls, is new. A melt granulation and comminution process comprises spraying the melt into a cooling chamber using a fluid jet, the sprayed melt droplets being heated in the spray jet by post-combustion of hot gases within the cooling chamber and the cooling chamber walls being cooled to a surface temperature of below 400 (preferably below 300) degrees C.

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