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EP 1039006 A1 2000-09-27 - Method and apparatus for making perforated nonwovens by means of hydrodynamic needling

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Method and apparatus for making perforated nonwovens by means of hydrodynamic needling

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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Herstellung von perforierten Vliesstoffen mittels hydrodynamischer Vernadelung

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Méthode et appareil pour fabriquer des nontissés perforés par aiguilletage hydrodynamique


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For the continuous prodn. of a perforated nonwoven, the material is bonded by a hydrodynamic needling action which forms the holes by displacement of the fibers, and the material is dried.. The perforated nonwoven is singed by flames to burn off any fibers across the holes. The material is cooled immediately on both sides after singeing. The flames used for singeing have a controlled intensity to burn off or melt only fibers present across the cross section of the holes. The flame strength is set according to the material weight, by setting the gap between the flames and the material surface. Suction is applied to the other side of the nonwoven, to draw the flames through the holes formed in it. An Independent claim is included for an appts. with a water jet assembly (1-12) to bond the nonwoven (2) and form holes through it, followed by a drying station (13) where the material is at least partially dried. The assembly is extended by a singeing station (17,18) across the width of the nonwoven (2'), with open flames (18) aligned directly at the material (2'). Preferred Features: The beam (17) with the open flames (18) is at a cooled drum (19) which carries the fabric. A further cooling roller (21) is at the drum (19), with the fabric (2') moving between them to be cooled on both sides. The singeing beam (17) is aligned at the unsupported material (2') directly in front of the cooling drum (19). A suction unit (20) is at the opposite side of the material (2') to the singeing station (17,18) to draw air and the flames through the holes in the nonwoven fabric.

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Es kann ein Vlies mit einer im Grunde sauberen Lochstruktur auf einer Trommel mit plastischen Erhöhungen mittels energiereichen Wasserstrahlen hergestellt werden. Je nach der Dicke der verwendeten Faser im Vlies kann aber die eine oder andere Faser dennoch quer über ein Loch gespannt angeordnet sein. Um diese ebenfalls zu vermeiden bzw. zu beseitigen, ist nach der Erfindung vorgesehen, das Lochvlies nach dem Trocknen zu sengen. <IMAGE>

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