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EP 1045053 A1 2000-10-18 - Flyer device and flyer drive method

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Flyer device and flyer drive method

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Flyerflügel und Verfahren zu deren Antrieb

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Ailette et méthode pour l'entrainer


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The present invention directly couples a rotative-drive source to a flyer so as to positively drive the flyer in synchronism with a speed at which a yarn is unwound. This construction prevents variations in tension regardless of an unwinding position, that is, whether the yarn is unwound from an upper or a lower side of a package and regardless of the winding diameter of the package, thereby restraining yarn breakage. The present invention provides a flyer device comprising a flyer for use in unwinding a yarn 1 from a package P or twisting the yarn after unwinding it from the package, wherein the device has flyer rotative-drive means FRM rotating in an interlocking manner as the yarn is unwound, for positively rotatively driving the flyer. It also provides a flyer device wherein flyer rotative-drive means comprises a flyer rotative-drive source 43 and a one-way clutch 42 combined with a rotating shaft of the flyer rotative-drive source. <IMAGE>

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