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EP 1045349 A1 2000-10-18 - A cassette locking mechanism

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A cassette locking mechanism

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Schliessmechanismus für eine Kassette

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Mécanisme de verrouillage pour une cassette


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A lock mechanism (2) for a cassette (1) that is intended to be inserted into and removed from a banknote handling machine while in a locked state, wherein when the cassette (1) is inserted into the machine with a lid (15) of said cassette closed and locked, the cassette lid (15) is released by automatic actuation from elements (16,212, 142) in said machine and said lock mechanism (2) and raised as a result of the coaction between elements (152,153) on the lid (15) and in the machine, and wherein when the cassette (1) is removed from the machine the cassette lid (15) is closed as a result of corresponding coaction between said elements (152,153) and is locked by corresponding actuation from said elements (16,212,142) in the machine and said lock mechanism. The lock mechanism (2) includes on an inside (12) of the cassette (1) a rotor (22) which can be actuated by elements (232,233) in the lock mechanism, and a sealable turning device (225) provided on an outside (12') of the cassette (1). Said turning device can be turned from outside said cassette to mechanically actuate said rotor. The turning device (225) can not be actuated by movements of the rotor (22) during said actuation by means of the elements (232,233) in the lock mechanism (2). The rotor (22) can be actuated by the turning device (225) outside the cassette to reset the rotor (22) to a state in which the cassette (1) can be inserted into the machine with the lid (15) of the cassette closed and locked. <IMAGE>

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