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EP 1046737 B1 2001-11-14 - Method of manufacturing airlaid nonwoven fabrics

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Method of manufacturing airlaid nonwoven fabrics

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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Faservliesen nach dem Airlaidverfahren

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Méthode de fabrication de nontissés par voie sèche


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[origin: EP1046737A1] A fibrous felt is prepared using a thermoplastic polymer powder binder comprising a vinylester and/or a (meth)acrylic acid ester. A fibrous felt (I) is prepared by means of an air-lay process, whereby the fibers and the binding agent powder are put down an air stream. The process comprises (A) laying a fibrous felt or fiber to a weight of 10-50 g/m<2> (B) fibers and a thermoplastic polymer powder, based on vinylester and/or (meth)-acrylic acid esters are applied separately or as a mixture in an stream at 10-300 g/m<2> with optional repeating of step (B) until the desired fiber weight is achieved. (C) the fibrous material is consolidated at 80-260 degrees C and optionally at up to 100 bar.

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