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[origin: WO9936915A1] In a magnetic tape cassette, lower abutment portions (69, 70, 71) projected from a lower half (62) and upper abutment portions (65, 66, 67) projected from the upper half (61) corresponding to the lower abutment portions are provided in the vicinity of and inside of sliding portions of a casing body formed by coupling the upper and lower halves. Both the abutment portions are in abutment with each other, to form the same structure as that of reinforcement members formed between the upper and lower halves to thereby realize high rigidity. Also, both end portions of a wall-like member (80) provided in the lower half along the magnetic tape wound around a take-up hub are bent in an L-shape, and its end portions are cut away so as to expose compression springs (86) so that the detection of the compression springs by light may be performed positively and the rigidity of the member is enhanced. Furthermore, the side of the planar upper half body of the recessed portion formed on the rear side wall of the upper half is formed to have the same thickness as that of the side wall of the rear portion of the upper half, that is, the recess portion of the rear side wall is formed at a depth directed on the side of the upper half body from the release end side on the way so that the magnetic tape does not interfer. The recess portion is not formed on the side of the upper half body to thereby suppress the change in thickness. Thus, the remarkable decrease of the thermal deformation may be attained.

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