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[origin: WO9956679A1] The invention relates to a pair of spectacles, especially spectacles for use when playing sports and/or during leisure activities, such as sun glasses. The spectacles comprise a vision unit (1) and a retaining system (5) for keeping the vision unit laterally on the head and/or the nose of the wearer. The retaining system is or can be interlocked with the vision unit. According to the invention the retaining system has a separate left-hand retaining element (5) and a separate right-hand retaining element and/or a separate central retaining element, which are each assigned to a section of the vision unit. Each retaining element comprises at least one upper (5b) and at least one lower (5c) contact member which engages or can engage corresponding contact members (3, 4) in a positive manner. At least one contact member is a detent member (5c, 5d) and at least one corresponding contact member is a corresponding detent member (3, 4). Members assigned to each other are or can be interlocked with each other.

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