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Apparatus for support and suspension of a snowplough blade

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Trag- und Aufhängevorrichtung für den Raumschild eines Schneepfluges

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Dispositif de support et de suspension pour une lame de chasse-neige


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An apparatus for support and suspension of a snowplough blade includes a structure (35) fastened to a fore part of a vehicle. The apparatus includes also means for supporting the blade, first power means (70), which cooperate with the supporting means, so as to lower and raise the blade, thus defining the blade two external positions, use and non-use, respectively. Second power means (90) change the inclination of the blade with respect to the vehicle movement direction. Stabilizing means stabilize the blade in the non-use position. The supporting means include at least one upper arm (36), which is connected to the structure (35) and the blade (40). Stabilizing means include an extension (82), extending from the upper arm and turned upwards, and a plate (80), which is fastened to the structure and which forms a seat (81) firmly coupling with the extension (82) after the blade has reached its non-use position (I). <IMAGE>

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