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EP 1050644 A9 2001-05-02 - Vehicle door handle

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Vehicle door handle

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Poignée de porte de véhicule automobile


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[origin: EP1050644A2] A vehicle door handle (1) has a transmission lever (21) activated externally by means of a control lever (16) to rotate, about a hinge axis (15), between an angular rest position, and an angular work position to open a lock on the door; and an inertial member (39), which keeps the transmission lever (21) in the rest position in the event of lateral impact on the vehicle, rotates about the axis (15) with respect to the transmission lever (21), and has an inertial mass (42) located eccentrically with respect to the axis (15), and a one-way angular locking device (57) enabling the mass (42) to rotate, together with the transmission lever (21), in one rotation direction, so as to exert a balancing force, in the event of lateral impact, to balance the inertial forces tending to move the lever (21) into the work position, and to rotate freely with respect to the lever (21) in the opposite direction. <IMAGE>

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