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EP 1054211 A2 2000-11-22 - Adaptive head-lamp for motor-vehicles

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Adaptive head-lamp for motor-vehicles

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Adaptiver Scheinwerfer für Kraftfahrzeuge

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Projecteur adaptatif pour véhicules automobiles


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An adaptive headlamp for motor vehicles comprises a reflector (2) associated to a light source (3), for example a discharge lamp, which is surrounded by a hood-like element (4) presenting one or more openings, the position and configuration of which is calculated in such a way as to generate, in combination with a pre-determined geometry of the reflector (2), which is also calculated for this purpose, a light beam issuing from the headlamp which has a pre-determined basic pattern. Mounted in a mobile manner around the hood (4) is a shutter (9) designed to cover and uncover at least some of the aforesaid openings (7, 8) of the hood (4) selectively in such a way as to illuminate selected areas of the reflector and thus generate an overall pattern which is different for each condition of use. <IMAGE>

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