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RF connector assembly for a circuit board

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RF-Steckeranordnung für eine Leiterplatte

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Assemblage de connecteur RF pour un circuit imprimé


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The present invention relates to a radio frequency (rf) connector assembly (1) for a circuit board (2), and in particular to an rf connector assembly. The connector assembly (1) comprises an elongate housing (3) that has a longitudinal axis (12) extending along the length of the housing (3) between a base end (6) and a top end (4) of the housing; a pair of rf connectors (13,14) held by the housing (3), each connector having a connection axis (28,29); and connection pins (19,20) that are connected electrically to the rf connectors (13,14) and which extend from the housing (3) for connection to a circuit board (2). The rf connectors (13,14) are spaced along the longitudinal axis (12) and face laterally outwards from the housing (3) with connection axes (28,29) that are transverse to the longitudinal axis (12); and the connection pins (19,20) extend from the housing (3) so that when the connector assembly (1) is mounted to a circuit board (2), the longitudinal axis (12) is transverse to the circuit board (2). The housing (3) is adapted to receive a first one (14) of the rf connectors through an opening (106) to the base end (6), and to receive a second one (13) of the rf connectors through another opening (144) to the front face (10). <IMAGE>

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