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Glow plug and method for producing same

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Glühkerze und Verfahren zum Herstellung derselben

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Bougie à incandescence et son procédé de fabrication


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In a glow plug 1, a resistor 4, 5 wound in a spiral shape is inserted into a hollow heater tube 3 while the winding axis M coincides with a longitudinal axis of the heater tube, and is held therein via an insulating powder 30, wherein the resistor 4, 5 is energized with a current to generate heat. A first point t1 and a second point t2 are determined on the resistor 4, 5 so that a spiral pitch P is defined between the both. A third point t3 is defined at a position on the resistor 4, 5 between the first point t1 and the second point t2 so that the third point t3 is distant from the first point t1 and near the second point t2 at half a length of the resistor 4, 5 between the first point t1 and the second point t2 along the resistor. The resistor 4, 5 is tilted relative to the winding axis M so that a distance Q between the third point t3 and the first point t1 measured in the direction of the winding axis M is 0.75 times the spiral pitch P or more wherein the distance Q is the maximum value relative to the spiral pitch (P) as the tube turns 180 degrees on the winding axis M. <IMAGE>

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