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Encapsulated detergent composition

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Detergenzien enthaltende Kapsel

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Composition détergente encapsulée


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The invention relates to capsules containing detergents for releasing the same during a cleaning process. Said capsules contain at least one surfactant of the formula [R1-O-(CH2-CH2-O-)n-L] <-> [R2-NR4H-R3] <+> selected from mono, di or trialkanolammonium salts of alkyl ether sulphates, with a molecular weight of at least 200 g/mol, preferably at least 300 g/mol. In said formula, R1 represents a hydrocarbon radical, comprising at least 6 carbon atoms; n represents a whole number between 1 and 8; L represents -SO3; R2 is a linear or branched alcohol group, comprising between 1 and 10 carbons and at least one hydroxyl group; R3 and R4 are identical or different and are selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, linear and/or branched alcohol groups, containing between 1 and 10 carbon atoms and at least one hydroxy group and linear and/or branched alkyl groups with between 1 and 10 carbon atoms. The surfactant can be present either in the capsule jacket or the capsule fill material, or both. The inventive capsule has a high proportion of detergent substances. The capsule jacket material is preferably a macro-molecular native natural substance and/or is chemically and/or physically modified, preferably gelatine.

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Die vorliegende Erfindung offenbart Detergenzien enthaltende Kapseln zum Freisetzen von Detegenzien während eines Reinigungsprozesses, umfassend mindestens ein Mono-, Di- bzw. Trialkanalammonium-Salze der Alkylethersulfate. Das Tensid kann dabei sowohl in der Kapselhülle als auch im Kapselfüllgut oder in beiden vorhanden sein. Die erfindungsgemässe Kapsel hat einen hohen Anteil waschaktiver Substanzen. Das Kapselhüllmaterial ist bevorzugt ein makromolekularer nativer und/oder chemisch und/oder physikalisch modifizierter Naturstoff, bevorzugt Gelatine.

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