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Cement mixer with compact rotating mechanism on swivel-bucket arm

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Betonmischer mit einer auf dem Schwenkarm der Mischtrommel getragenen kompakten Drehantriebsvorrichtung

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Bétonière avec mécanisme compact d'entrainement en rotation monté sur l'arbre de renversement supportant le mélangeur


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EP 99201923 A 19990616

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A cement mixer with a compact rotating mechanism on the swivel-bucket arm, consisting of a base structure (1), an arm (8) which is rotatable about a horizontal axis (X) relative to the base structure (1) in its bushes (6, 7) and a mixing bucket (12) which is rotatable about a shaft (11) fixed to the arm (8), drive means being provided for rotation of the mixing bucket (12), wherein a further bush (10), which is rotatable with respect to the bush (7) of the base structure (1) and is integral with the arm (8), is arranged integrally at at least one of the two ends of the arm (8), the arm (8) moreover having, directed towards the inside thereof, support means (31, 32) for the drive means for rotation of the mixing bucket (12) which comprise at least one belt (41) which is wound around a considerable portion of the mixing bucket (12) and which is driven by at least one pulley (40) with associated transmission (38,36) driven by a motor means (34). <IMAGE>

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