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Circular knitting machine

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Métier à tricoter circulaire


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The circular knitter has a suction system (53), for the extraction and removal of fiber waste materials, with at least one suction jet (64) to give an aligned and targeted suction air flow. The circular knitter has an air flow feed (76) to align the fibers in a directional air flow. The suction jet(s) (64) is (are) shaped and arranged so that the directional air flow is unaffected by the suction air flow(s). The carding unit (18) and the combing-in wheel (32) each has a suction jet (64). The suction jet (64) at the combing-in wheel (32) has its longitudinal axis (66) at right angles to the wheel axis (51), and the suction air flow is in the same direction as the rotation of the combing-in wheel (32), on a symmetrical plane of the wheel (32), aligned at the combing zone in the direction of wheel rotation. A suction jet (64) is aligned at the under side of the combing-in wheel (32), towards the needle cylinder (12), to form a suction zone between the knitted fabric and the wheel (32). The suction jet opening (68) has a width slightly larger than the width of the wheel (32), at an angle to the horizontal plane (67). The suction air flow can be at a tangent to the combing-in wheel (32). The suction jet (64) has a mouthpiece and a connector, both with the same cross section surface. The cross section of the mouthpiece is expanded horizontally in relation to the connector. The circular knitter can have a number of carding units (18), each with their own air flow systems (78) to align the combed-in fibers, with at least one suction unit (80) and at least one blower (82) facing each other to give a working air flow. The air flow at the suction unit (8) is directed outwards from the center axis (16) of the circular knitter. The circular knitter has a number of feeds for yarns and fibers, where one feed has carding units (18) for a number of fiber types to be worked into a number of stitches. A blower is between neighboring card units at the feed system, aligned at a combing-in zone in relation to the center axis (16) of the circular knitter. The air flow from the blower (82) is aligned inwards, towards the center axis (16) of the circular knitter. A suction unit (80) and a blower (82) are between neighboring card units (18) of adjacent feed systems, and each carding unit (18) has a suction jet (64) between flanking blowers. The suction jets (64) lead to the lower end surface (60) of a suction zone (58), in a shape of rotational symmetry. The center axes (16) of the suction zone (58) and the circular knitter coincide. An air extraction system (90) has the air flow guide (78) of the suction jet (64) linked to the suction zone (58). The jet opening (68) of a suction jet (64) is set back from the needles of the needle cylinder (12), in relation to the radial direction. The lower end of the jet opening of a suction jet (64) is vertically over the opening (68) of a blower (82) at the air guide (76). A seal is between a suction jet (64) and a card unit (18).

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Um eine Rundstrickmaschine (10) zur Herstellung von Gestricken mit eingekämmten Fasern, umfassend einen Nadelzylinder (12), mindestens eine Kardiervorrichtung (18) mit einem Einkämmrad (32) und eine Absaugevorrichtung (53) für Faserabfälle zu schaffen, die Gestricke mit hoher Qualität herstellt und möglichst wartungsarm ist, wird vorgeschlagen, daß die Absaugevorrichtung mindestens eine Absaugedüse (64) zur Erzeugung eines gerichteten Absaugestroms aufweist. <IMAGE>

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