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EP 1065313 A2 20010103 - Device for separating and threading a web tail

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Device for separating and threading a web tail

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Vorrichtung zum Trennen und Überführen eines Einführstreifens

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Dispositif pour séparer et enfiler la bande directrice


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The appts. (10) to cut a leader strip (12) at a web of paper or cardboard, for feeding into papermaking or paper finishing machine stages, has a cutter (16) and a transfer unit (18) to carry it to a following machine stage. The cutter (16) and transfer unit (18) are pref. mounted to a common plate (22). Before cutting, the leader strip (12) is passed to the plate (22), to be tensed for cutting, with the transfer unit (18) in front of the cutter (16) in the direction (L) of material travel. The plate (22) is mounted at a scraper beam (24). The transfer unit is an air transfer unit (18). Before cutting, the leader strip (12) is stabilized by a blown air stream at the side of the plate (22) towards the leader strip (12), at a tangent. An air guide plate (30) is after the cutter (16), in the direction (L) of travel, to apply tension to the leader strip (12), at the side of the plate (22) towards the leader (12). The air guide plate (30) is pitched at an angle to the plate (22) surface so that the leader (12) is lifted from the plate (22) surface to pass through the cutting zone of the cutter (16). At least two air guide plates (30) can be fitted, in succession on the direction (L) of paper travel. The air transfer unit (18) has a number of blowing jets, with adjustment movement. It can have a blowing tube, with a row of blower jets parallel to the tube axis, with at least some which can be adjusted, and the blowing tube can be set by rotation around its axis. Adjustable jets at the air transfer system can be used to stabilize and/or tense the leader (12). The cutter (16) gives a shear cut and/or a parallel cut. The cutter (16) has at least two cutting blades, with a setting screw adjustment at two frame sections which swing in relation to each other. The cutting blades are smooth or they can be perforated and/or toothed.

Abstract (de)

Eine Vorrichtung 10 zum Trennen und Überführen eines in eine Maschine zur Herstellung und/oder Behandlung einer Materialbahn, insbesondere Papier- oder Kartonbahn, einzufädelnden Einführstreifens 12 umfaßt eine Trenneinrichtung 16 und eine Überführeinrichtung 18, die dazu dient, den Einführstreifen 12 nach erfolgter Trennung zu einer nachfolgenden Einrichtung 20 der Maschine zu überführen. Die Trenneinrichtung 16 und die Überführeinrichtung 18 sind vorzugsweise auf einer gemeinsamen Platte 22 angebracht, auf der der Einführstreifen 12 vor dem Trennen geführt und für den Trennvorgang vorspannbar ist. Dabei ist die Überführeinrichtung 18 in Streifenlaufrichtung L vor der Trenneinrichtung 16 angeordnet. <IMAGE>

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