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Support structure for wine barrels

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Tragstruktur für Weinfässer

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Stucture de support pour des tonneaux de vin


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EP 99500111 A 19990706

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The support structure consists of four saddle pieces (1), which may stand directly on the floor or joined to other supports in a stacking arrangement, each of which saddle pieces is joined to a framework comprising two lower diverging tubes (6), which, as well as forming part of the support's load bearing structure, act as support elements on which the barrel (7) is rested, and likewise comprising two upper, vertical tubes (10), acting as spacers between supports when in a stacking arrangement; said frameworks are linked in pairs, in a lateral, coplanar fashion, such that the two front, joined frameworks, are joined to the rear pair by means of crosspieces (12). The saddle pieces (1) feature openings (2) through which may be inserted the prongs of a forklift truck and, on their lower part, receptacles (3) tapering upwards, with an opening on their lower face, designed to fit onto the vertical tubes (10) when several supports are stacked upon each other, enabling the self-centering of same. <IMAGE>

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