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High-sensitive stencil sheet and method for producing the same

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Wärmeempfindliches Schablonenblatt und Verfahren zu ihrer Herstellung.

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Feuille stencil sensible à la chaleur et procédé pour sa fabrication.


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There are provided heat-sensitive stencil sheets which satisfactorily contacts with a thermal head and provide high quality images by enhancing the smoothness of the film surface of the heat-sensitive stencil sheets. Said heat-sensitive stencil sheets comprise a thermoplastic film and a porous support which are laminated to each other with an adhesive, characterized in that the glossiness indicating the smoothness of the film surface is 30% or higher and the adhering area ratio is 0.1-5%. The stencil sheet is obtained by carrying a porous support in close contact with the surface of a specular roll having a diameter of 0.1-1.5 m and a temperature of 15-90 DEG C under a carrying tension of 0.1-5 kgf and simultaneously therewith carrying a thermoplastic film coated with 0.05-1.0 g/m<2> of a photo-curable adhesive on one side and having a thickness of 2 mu m or less under a given carrying tension thereby to allow the thermoplastic film to closely contact with the outer surface of the porous film with the adhesive therebetween and move the film and the support together on the specular roll, and curing the adhesive by irradiation with light above the specular roll. <IMAGE>

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