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Catalyst canning structure and catalyst carrying method thereof

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Anordnung eines Katalysators in einem Gehäuse sowie Methode zur Aufbringung einer katalytischen Beschichtung auf denselben

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Arrangement d'un catalyseur dans une boite ansi qu'un methode d'application d'une couche catalytique sur ledit catalyseur


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A canning structure comprises a ceramic honeycomb structure (10) which is to be loaded with a catalyst, canned in a metal case (11) and being held by holding material (13). An impermeable film (60) is provided between the ceramic honeycomb structure and the holding material. To load a catalyst, a catalyst slurry is poured in only on the ceramic honeycomb structure side of the impermeable film, thereby preventing the holding material from carrying the catalyst. Thus, the holding material does not carry expensive catalyst. Chipping and cracking of the ceramic honeycomb structure can be prevented during transport, during loading of catalyst, during canning, and during handling. <IMAGE>

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