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Digital feed-forward active noise control system

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Digitales vorwärtsgeregeltes System für aktive Lärmkontrolle

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Système de contrôle actif du bruit à correction aval


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A method of noise control of an acoustic signal comprising: obtaining a reference signal (X) of the acoustic signal to be controlled, applying an antinoise signal to the acoustic signal so as to control the acoustic signal, obtaining an error signal (E) resulting from the application of the antinoise signal (U) to the acoustic signal, generating the antinoise signal from the reference signal by passing the noise signal through a first filter (33) having controllable filter coefficients, using a simplified model (31) of a signal path from a location (19) of the antinoise signal to a location (21) of the error signal to obtain modified representations of the noise signal, controlling the filter coefficients by processing the error signal and the modified representation of the noise signal and generating a coefficient control signal (35) such as to generate the antinoise signal, and applying the coefficient control signal to the first filter. <IMAGE>

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