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Throttle shaft assembly and method of attachment of said shaft to a throttle body

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Drosselklappenwellenzusammenbau und Verfahren zur Befestigung dieser Welle an einem Drosselklappenstutzen

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Ensemble d'arbre de papillon et procédé de fixation de cet arbre à un corps de papillon


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A method and apparatus is provided for the attachment of a throttle shaft to a throttle body. A throttle shaft, a spring, and a cap retainer, are temporarily assembled as a throttle shaft subassembly. A set of locking members extend from the cap retainer to engage a set of locking surfaces adjacent the throttle shaft to retain the spring in tension. The cap retainer fits onto a boss extending from the throttle body and is lockable thereto by a set of fingers which are received into engagement recesses located on the boss. As the shaft subassembly is guided into the throttle body, the cap retainer is rotated by the engagement surfaces and the locking members are disengaged from the locking surfaces to at least partially unload the spring to mount the shaft. <IMAGE>

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