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Digital image forming process and color photographic material for use in this process

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Verfahren zur Erzeugung eines Digitalbildes und farbphotographisches Material zur Verwendung in diesem Verfahren

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Procédé de formation d'image numérique et matériau photographique pour l'utilisation dans ce procédé


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EP 99202189 A 19990705

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The invention is directed to an image forming process, said process including the development of an exposed color photographic material, which has blue light sensitive layer having yellow dye forming coupler, green light sensitive layer having magenta dye forming coupler, and red light sensitive layer having cyan dye forming coupler, and output of the image information to an output device, wherein said process comprises: (1) photoelectric reading of the recorded image information on the said developed color photographic material, (2) conversion of the image information obtained by said photoelectric reading into a digital image information, (3) providing said digital image information with digital image processing so that preferable image characteristics can be obtained, and (4) output said information on an output device, said color photographic material being characterized in that after development under standard conditions, (5) for the yellow, magenta, and cyan colors the value of the minimum density, Dmin, is 0.3 or less, and (6) said color photographic material contains oil-in-water emulsions containing at least one dye forming coupler, at least one of the coupler containing layers has a coupler/oil ratio of 0.01g/g or more and 0.30g/g or less, as well as to a color photographic material for use in this process.

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