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Discharge valve for a compressor

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Auslassventil für Verdichter

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Soupape de refoulement pour compresseurs


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An opening and closing device for a compressor gas passage, such as a compressor discharge passage, includes a valve body which moves between an opened position in which gas flows through the passage and a closed position in which gas flow is stopped. In a scroll type compressor, a discharge port of the compressor, which leads to the discharge passage, has an accommodation chamber formed therearound in the base plate of the movable scroll. The valve body is floatably and movably accommodated in the accommodation chamber, to move in the direction of gas flow. The valve body has guide pieces which protrude in the direction of valve movement from respective equally spaced locations along the circumference of the valve body. The valve body moves between a valve-closed position in which it closes the discharge port, contacting the bottom surface of the discharge port and the accommodation chamber and a valve-opened position in which it opens the discharge port, contacting a circular clip which limits its movement. <IMAGE>

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