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Tool transfer device for machine tools

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Werkzeugtransfervorrichtung für Werkzeugmaschinen

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Dispositif de transfert d'outil pour machine-outils


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The invention provides a tool transfer device for machine tools capable of reducing the tool transfer time and also reducing the cost by eliminating the need for any driving source. In a tool transfer device for machine tools, having a tool magazine 10 set beside a spindle 6 on which a tool is mounted, and serving for accommodating and holding therein a multiplicity of tools so that the tools are directed perpendicular to an axis of the spindle 6, and a transfer pot 23 set on a spindle side of the tool magazine 10, and driven and moved by a horizontally moving unit 21 and a vertically moving unit 22, wherein a next-process tool T1 accommodated in the tool magazine 10 is taken out and transferred horizontally to a stroke end position P2 by the transfer pot 23, and the next-process tool T1 is tilted at the stroke end position P2 to a tool changing position p1 in which the next-process tool T1 is parallel to the axis of the spindle 6, the tool transfer device comprises tool tilting means (tilted cam member 38, tilting cam member 39) for tilting the next-process tool T1 to the tool changing position P1 by horizontal movement of the horizontally moving unit 21 to the stroke end position P2. <IMAGE>

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