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Device and method for excavating deep trenches

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Vorrichtung sowie verfahren zum ausheben von tiefgräben

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Dispositif et procédé pour creuser des tranchées profondes


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The invention is embodied in a device, and method for excavating an underdrainage (a subterainian drain) which is capable of preserving surface vegetation such as grass in pasture in good condition and providing excellent drainage. The device 20 forms an underdrainage in the ground while being hauled by a tractor 10. The underdrainage excavating device has a discard device 40 for discarding the dirt excavated by an endless belt of excavating buckets 25 to scatter the dirt over an extended area of the ground such that the grass and pastures will not be buried and wither. Part of the dirt covers a slit space S such that any dirt entry from outside into the slit space S is prevented. The excavating device 20 also forms an underdrainage by following an inclined plane signal which projects an inclined plane at an angle to a reference horizontal plane such that said underdrainage slopes to provide excellent gravity drainage performance. <IMAGE>

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