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Mobile telephone loudspeaker

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Lautsprecher für mobile Telefon

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Haut-parleur de téléphone mobile


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The transducer has a main winding (2) fixed to a diaphragm (3) as normal, but also has an additional winding (9) placed around the central pillar (4) of the permanent magnet (1). This auxiliary winding is connected in series such that movement due to currents induced by the on-off switching of the transmitter tends to be cancelled out. The ends of the transducer windings are preferably adhered to the back surface of the diaphragm. Both windings are of e.g. 40 - 50 turns and can be arranged in several ways, e.g. they may be fixed together or can be separated by a surface permitting them to slide relative to each other. The second winding may be stationary, e.g. adhered to the central pillar of the permanent magnet, or it can be placed outside the field of the magnet.

Abstract (fr)

Pour réduire les effets de champs électromagnétiques perturbateurs intenses sur un haut-parleur d'un téléphone mobile, on munit le haut-parleur d'une bobine de compensation en sus d'une bobine d'excitation. La bobine de compensation est montée en série avec la bobine d'excitation. Elle est toutefois dispensée d'un rôle moteur en la collant contre l'aimant permanent du haut-parleur. On montre qu'on réduit les effets néfastes sans empêcher le haut-parleur de fonctionner. <IMAGE>

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