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EP 1095779 A2 2001-05-02 - Method and apparatus for refilling an ink container

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Method and apparatus for refilling an ink container

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Nachfüllverfahren und -vorrichtung für Farbstoffbehälter

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Méthode et appareil de recharge pour recipient d'encre


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The present disclosure relates to an apparatus 54 for refilling a replaceable ink container 12. The ink container 12 has a top and bottom portion relative to a gravitational frame of reference. The replaceable ink container 12 further has a capillary storage member 40 disposed therein and a fluid outlet 36 disposed on the bottom portion. The apparatus for refilling includes a fluid interconnect 78 configured for insertion into the bottom portion to compress the capillary storage member 40. <IMAGE>

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US 4771295 A 19880913 - BAKER JEFFREY P [US], et al

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