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Basket with cutlery holder for domestic dishwasher

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Besteckhalter zum gebrauch im Geschirrkorb einer Geschirrspülmaschine

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Porte-couvert destiné au panier à vaisselle pour lave-vaisselle


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[origin: EP1099404A1] A basket (12) for home dishwasher is described comprising at least one side wall (11) and at least one plastic shelf (3) connected with said at least one side wall (11) in order to form an angle smaller than a right angle with the bottom plane (21) of said basket (12). The shelf (3) is made integral with at least one cutlery holder (1) comprising holes (2) for the housing of cutlery and wide areas (30) for the flow of the washing water and/or the flow of drying air <IMAGE>

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