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EP 1102136 B1 2009-02-04 - Device for assembling a cap made of hard material to the middle part of a watch

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Device for assembling a cap made of hard material to the middle part of a watch

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Vorrichtung zum Aufsetzen einer Schutzkappe aus hartem Material auf den Mittelteil einer Uhr

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Dispositif d'assemblage d'une coiffe en matériau dur sur la carrure d'une montre


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[origin: EP1102136A1] The metal ring includes a stepped structure retaining the elastomer seal material between the major casing components. The watch casing is closed by a cover glass (3) and a base (2) which fit with a casing ring (6) to define a space (9) to house the movement (29). A metallic centre component (30) includes an external wall with a stepped external structure which is complementary to the internal structure of the cover (20). The cover is solidly attached to the centre (30) by means of two screws (14, 16), retain tabs (15,17) lodged in radial hollows formed within a vertical wall of the cover. An elastomer joint (12) is disposed between two horizontal surfaces which form part of the stepped structure. The thickness of the elastomer joint is sufficient to ensure a degree of play between the facing surfaces of the base and the lower surface of the cover, and between the vertical wall of the metallic centre and the wall of the cover which joins the base.

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