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Hydraulic control device

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Hydraulische Steuereinheit

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Elément de contrôle hydraulique


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[origin: EP1106839A2] A hydraulic control device, for the actuation of a hydraulic user device, with input pressure compensator, comprising a bidirectional pilot valve (1) which can be actuated in order to connect one actuation branch (A or B) of a user device to a pressurized branch (P) of a hydraulic circuit and the other actuation branch (B or A) of the user device to a discharge branch (T) of the hydraulic circuit, and a pressure compensator (2), which is arranged on the pressurized branch (P) of the hydraulic circuit that enters the pilot valve (1). The pressure compensator (2) is affected by the pressure in the pressurized branch (P) of the hydraulic circuit, and the pressure acts so as to close the pressure compensator (2). The bidirectional pilot valve (1), in connecting a user device (A or B) to the pressurized branch (P) of the hydraulic circuit, also connects the pressurized branch (P) to the pressure compensator (2), but so as to maintain or increase its aperture, and to the discharge branch (T) of the hydraulic circuit through a choke (31, 81) so as to force the pump, which feeds the hydraulic circuit, to operate at a pressure which is significantly higher than required for the actuation of the user device (A or B), thus achieving higher operating stability. <IMAGE>

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