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Innerboot for skiboots

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Innenschuh für Skischuh

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Chausson de confort pour chaussure de sport


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Soft liner, is made from foam with reinforcing member of thermoformable material. The boot liner (1), with a tongue (2), is made basically from a foam material and has an external reinforcing member of a material which is thermoformable in situ and softens at a temperature below 100 degrees C under a load of 1 kg. The reinforcing member has a central section (3a) which lies behind the ankle and above the heel, and branches (3b, 3d) which extend from the central section on both sides downwards and over the instep and upwards towards the tibia. The material used for the reinforcing member can be solid or cellular, and it is molded over the boot liner while the wearer's foot or a mould of it is inside and held in place until it has at least partly cooled.

Abstract (fr)

Chausson de confort pour chaussure de sport, en particulier chaussure de ski ou de patin, essentiellement en mousse éventuellement thermoformable in situ et équipé d'une armature (3) en matériau thermoformable in situ. <IMAGE>

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