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A monoski and relative ski-boots binding system (5,6) for binding the ski-boots (3,4) arranged in longitudinal direction with respect to the ski (1) one behind the other. The ski-boots rear (5) and front (6) bindings have respectively a rear plate (15) and a front plate (16) arranged between the ski (1) and the ski-boots (3,4) as a single binding unit (100). A common centre piece (40) is provided with parts (25,36) movable integrally in longitudinal direction, whereby the locking of a ski-boot (3) is possible with the locking movement of the other ski-boot (4). The rear plate (15) has a raised portion (15a) of predetermined height whereby the rear ski-boot (3) has the boot sole inclined in longitudinal direction with respect to the ski (1). The rear plate (15) can be rotatable about a transversal pin (42) provided at the common centre piece (40). This way the monoski allows a skiing with sharp turns, allows easily a scooter running and allows to get up easily even with both ski-boots locked. The common centre piece (40) can rotate about an axis orthogonal (41) to the plane of the ski (1), so that the ski-boots (3,4) are released (25,36) at the same time. <IMAGE>

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