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EP 1143104 A1 2001-10-10 - A composite tube with embedded power conductors

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A composite tube with embedded power conductors

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Verbundrohr mit eingebetteten Leitern

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Tuyau composite avec conducteurs électriques incorporés


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A spoolable tube (1) for use inserted in or connected to a bore hole in the ground has a tube wall (2) having at least one axially extending circumferential layer of composite material (3) and at least one longitudinally extending electric power conductor (4) embedded in the tube wall (2) and formed by a flexible, strip-like element (4) including a plurality of electrically conductive filaments (6). By configuring the conductor as a strip-like element, the cross-sectional area of the element in the tube wall (2) can be relatively large. The plurality of conducting filaments (6) provide the conductor with a structure capable of accommodating to relatively large temporary deformations of surrounding material which occur during spooling of the tube (1) to a relatively small radius. <IMAGE>

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