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EP 1160003 A1 2001-12-05 - Stirring cover for paint containers in paints mixing machines

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Stirring cover for paint containers in paints mixing machines

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Rührdeckel für Farbbehälter in Farbrührmaschinen

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Couvercle agitateur pour boîte de teinte sur les machines d'agitation de peinture


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A paint can cover (1) has a peripheral border (5) with a recess in its underside for a seal ring (13), and one or more wire brackets (23) to engage with the underside of the paint can rim (15) for an adequate part of its periphery, fastened to the border by their threaded ends (21) and finger nuts (27) to hold the rim of the can tightly against the seal ring. The wire brackets cover an angle of ca. 90 degrees each, have a certain rigidity, and can be tightened by a lever mechanism in place of the finger nuts.

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