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EP 1162013 A1 2001-12-12 - Workpiece transfer device for a stamping and/or cutting press

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Workpiece transfer device for a stamping and/or cutting press

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Werkstücktransfervorrichtung für eine Stanz- und/oder eine Schneidpresse

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Dispositif de transfert de pieces sous une presse a emboutier et/ou a decouper


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A vertical press (7) bearing stamping or cutting tools (6) has workpiece transfer arms (10). The arms are located on either side of the workpiece and engage with workpiece elongations. A pin driven by the action of the press and attached to the transfer arms slides in a two channel slot (20) in a cycle guide (18). The pin thus imparts a cyclic lifting and advancing motion to the transfer arms giving transfer between tools or delivery (9)

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