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Lock for elevator doors

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Verrou pour portes d'ascenseur


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Lock for elevator doors, of the type of lock that carries out a locking of elevator doors and the unlocking of the doors is produced by means of a pin that the elevator car door has and whose lock is assembled in the rapid carriage to which the corresponding leaf of the door is anchored, in such a way that the lock comprises an assembly defined by a locking strip (11) fastened to a support plate (13), that in a front position has an inclined plane (12). The assembly is also defined by a lock body connected rotatably to the rapid carriage, the lock body being defined by a latch element (2), a counterweight (4) integral to the latch element (2) at one of its sides, and a part (5) with a generally omega ( OMEGA ) shaped profile with right angles, connected to the latch element at the other end by means of screws passing through respective elongated holes (8). <IMAGE>

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