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Photothermographic materials

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Photothermographische Materialien

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Matériaux photothermographiques


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A process for producing an aqueous dispersion comprising: preparing a dispersion of photosensitive silver halide and a binder or a surfactant in an aqueous medium; and subsequently either (a) adding a first silver salt to the silver halide dispersion and then adding a second silver salt; or (b) adding the second silver salt to the silver halide dispersion and then adding the first silver salt, wherein the aqueous dispersion is substantially free of a water-soluble metal or ammonium salt of an aliphatic carboxylic acid with greater than 12 carbon atoms, the first silver salt is a substantially light-insensitive and substantially water-insoluble silver salt of an organic carboxylic acid, and the second silver salt has a water-solubility greater than 0.1 g in 1 L of water at 20 DEG C; an aqueous dispersion obtainable therewith; a photothermographic recording material prepared with the aqueous dispersion; and a process for preparing the photothermographic recording material. In addition the use of the second silver salt for increasing the sensitivity of a photothermographic recording material is provided.

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