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EP 1191573 B1 20060726 - Light bulb with a short-cicuit prevention device

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Light bulb with a short-cicuit prevention device

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Kolbenlampe mit Vorrichtung zur Kurzschlussvermeidung

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Ampoule munie d'un dispositif de prévention de court-circuits


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[origin: EP1191573A1] The lamp bulb has base to which spiral filament is attached. It has a number of supports each with one end linked to the base and the other fitted with a open hook in contact with one of the windings of the filament. All the hooks are on the same side of the axis of revolution of the filament. The supports are designed to be fitted above the filament when the bulb is in normal operating condition. An end of the filament is fixed to the base, the other end is connected to the base by a rod fixed outside a plane defined by the axis of revolution and pints of contact between the hooks and the filament.

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