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Process for milling a fibrous material

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Verfahren zur Mahlung eines Faserstoffes

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Procédé de broyage d' une matière fibreuse


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[origin: DE10057682A1] To even out the characteristics of a suspended paper fiber material (1), using a controlled wet grinding (6), the suspended paper fibers are initially separated into fractions by a wet sieve (5) according to size and/or shape and/or flexibility. The amount of solid matter in the overflow (3) is determined, and the overflow is linked to the wet grinder on an increase in the solid content and, on a reduced solid content the overflow is lowered. To smooth out the characteristics of suspended paper fibers, the solid mater in the overflow is measured by density at a constant volume flow. The specific grinding action is proportional to the measured solid content at the overflow. The wet grinder is a perfecting mill, with its capacity set by positioning the grinding units to the grinding effort. It can also be set by a shift in the rotary speed at the same drive torque, so that the specific edge loading is constant. The material density is measured at the overflow, and then controlled by the addition of water on a time constant value. The wet sieve action is in a closed pressure sorter, so that the sieve separates the paper fiber suspension into fractions, so that the stiff and longer fibers and chips pass through the overflow and the more flexible and shorter fibers pass through.

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