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Thermographic recording material with improved image tone

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Thermographisches Aufzeichnungsmaterial mit verbessertem Bildton

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Matériau thermographique d'enregistrement avec ton de l'image amélioré


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A substantially light-insensitive black and white thermographic recording material comprising a support and a thermosensitive element exclusive of bisphenol compounds, 4-substituted isoxazole compounds of the formula <CHEM> wherein R represents an aromatic group or an electron withdrawing group, organic compounds represented by R<3>-H, the corresponding radical of which, R<3•>, has a stability of from 350 to 6000 times that of a primary alkyl radical, and photosensitive active-hydrogen aromatic organic reducing agents, the thermosensitive element containing at least one substantially light-insensitive organic silver salt, an organic reducing agent therefor in thermal working relationship therewith, an image tone stabilizer and a binder, characterized in that the image tone stabilizer is a sterically hindered monophenol; a recording process therefor; and the use of a sterically hindered monophenol in a substantially light-insensitive thermographic recording material as an image tone stabilizer.

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