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EP 1217114 B1 20060111 - Method of manufacturing a face to face pile fabric

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Method of manufacturing a face to face pile fabric

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Verfahren zur Herstellung eines Doppelpolgewebes

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Procédé pour la production du velours face contre face


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[origin: EP1217114A1] In a dual-pole weaving process, a group (SRG) of back wefts (SR) is simultaneously introduced in sequential operations in both upper (OW) and lower (UW) layers. The pairs of symmetrical tautened pole threads (PM) form pole loops (PH) linking the upper (OW) and lower (UW) layers with the back wefts (SR). One group (SRG) of two to twelve back wefts has an inner weft (SI) within the upper and lower layer. Also claimed is a dual-pole three-position Jaquard loom assembly with two or more weft input levels, in which two pole threads (P) per warp line (K) form the pole layer between the two base layers. The tautened filling warp (F) in both base layers is bound between the inner weft (SI) and back weft (SR). The pole thread (PM) forming each pole loop (PH) is symmetrically tautened in sequential operations between the upper (OW) and lower (UW) layers.

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