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Vehicle towed apparatus for striping of roads

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Fahrzeuggeschleppte Vorrichtung zum Anbringen von Linean auf Strassen

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Dispositif remorqué par véhicule pour tracer des lignes de routes


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Abstract (en)

[origin: EP1229171A1] A line striper 10 is attached to a vehicle 20 with a two point hitch 18 and has a swivelable rotatable wheel 24 mounted thereunder to support the striper on the ground. A main beam L is releasably clamped and may be slid from side to side depending on operator preference. The gun boom U may then be located on the desired side. A delay feature on the control allows the operator to look ahead on a sighting camera and pick the point at which he or she desires striping to start (or stop or any other operation). The controller then compensates for the calibrated distance between the sight point and the spray gun (V,W) and then starts and stops the gun at the appropriate time given road speed.

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