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Cutting structure for drill bit

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Schneidstruktur für Bohrmeissel

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Structure de coupe pour trépan de forage


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A drill bit for drilling a borehole having a bit body with an axis of rotation, a leading face, and a plurality of blades upstanding from the leading face. At least one of the blades terminates in a gauge pad having a gauge surface arranged, in use, to face a wall of the borehole. The gauge surface being devoid of cutting elements and terminating at an end remote from the blade at a junction with a gauge pad end wall. The gauge pad carries a cutter having a face and a cutting edge located radially inward of the gauge surface, and the junction of the gauge surface and the gauge pad end wall crosses, radially, between the face of the cutter and the wall of the borehole. The gauge surface may be a substantially continuous surface, and may have at least one additional cutter located angularly between two adjacent blades of the drill bit. <IMAGE>

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