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EP 1233096 B1 20060621 - Multi-needle sewing machine and method for producing a stitching pattern in a sewn workpiece

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Multi-needle sewing machine and method for producing a stitching pattern in a sewn workpiece

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Vielnadelkettenstichnähmaschine und Verfahren zur Ausbildung eines Nähmusters in einem Nähgut

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Machine à coudre multi-aiguille et méthode pour produire un motif de couture dans un ouvrage de couture


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[origin: US2004000261A1] The invention relates to a chain stitch multi-needle quilting machine with stitch forming quilting elements and a method for creating a pattern in a quilting material. The elements of the quilting machine are comprised of at least one needle bar with attached needles and at least one looper shaft with attached loopers. Each of the needles and the loopers have a corresponding needle thread and looper thread associated therewith, form quilting element pairs, and are driven to build chain stitches in a quilting material. At least one of the needles is adjustable between two positions and participates in the quilting procedure in a first position and does not prick into the quilting material in the second position during the quilting procedure. The quilting machine can be made to have a device to knot the needle thread with the looper thread, or a device to cut the looper thread, or both.

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