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EP 1238761 A1 2002-09-11 - Balanced Rotary power tool

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Balanced Rotary power tool

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Ausbalanciertes und rotierendes Kraftwerkzeug

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Outil équilibré à mouvement rotatif motorisé


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A hand-held rotary power tool (10) includes a housing (11) with a top portion (12), a handle portion (13), and a bottom portion (14) arranged into a relatively T-shaped configuration. A motor (22) is located within the bottom portion (14) of the housing (11). An input shaft (21) extends from the motor (22) through the handle portion (13) and rotatively couples the motor (22) to a gear box (20) located in the top portion (12) of the housing (11). An output shaft (24) extends forwardly from the gear box (20) at an angle that is substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the input shaft (21), and is coupled to a chuck (15) for rotation thereof. The tool (10) is balanced to inhibit rotation in the plane of the input and output shafts (21,24), in use. <IMAGE>

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